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Modern Remodeling is proud to be the trusted experts in insurance restoration, with over 30 years in business, and more than 30 thousand satisfied customers. We have been nationally ranked in the Top 500 Home Remodelers in the country per Qualified Remodeling Magazine every year since 2001. We specialize in insurance and storm restoration of properties in Virginia and Maryland. 


Modern Remodeling's employees are what make our company so successful. Our employees believe in a customer focused approach to restoring a property and strive to make every experience with every customer special. The employees at Modern are focused on the customers through each stage of the project and are the customers trusted expert throughout the restoration process.  



Finding a quality contractor is a challenge for every homeowner.  Getting them to complete repairs on time and follow up on additional projects can be just as difficult.  For insurance adjusters who are managing home repair claims, these challenges are multiplied across numerous monthly caseloads. Tasked with finding reliable craftspeople who understand what needs to be done (and what doesn’t need to be done), insurance professionals must also satisfy customers by adequately restoring their properties and structures with minimal inconveniences. 


Modern Remodeling partners exclusively with the insurance industry to handle every kind of home repair project to the satisfaction of everyone involved.  With a keen understanding of insurance claims and how to stay within budget and scope, Modern Remodeling eliminates home renovation guesswork for both the insurer and the insured.  In addition to our understanding of the insurance industry we focus on the importance of providing excellent customer service throughout the life cycle of the project. Working with Modern Remodeling, insurance companies have a trusted partner on-site for repair jobs while homeowners avoid the stress of aggressive sales tactics and jobs going over budget.  Modern Remodeling always finishes projects and won’t disappear when the work is done.



We are consistently looking for people who are high performers with a customer-focused attitude that aligns with our values. If you are looking for a career focused on helping customers to restore their homes after a fire, flood or other catastrophic damage then click below to learn more about our open positions.  

Benefits Include:
  • Team environment 

  • Competitive compensation 

  • On the job training 

  • Flexible hours

  • Advancement opportunities 

  • Health insurance – medical, dental and vision

  • And more 

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